Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toy Review Tuesday: Construction Site with Remote Control

His very first remote control truck toy! At age 4, we felt he was ready for one. We found the Fisher Price Big Action Construction Site with Remote Control at Toys R Us. It's also available on amazon.com.

When we first started playing with this, controlling the truck using the remote didn't come naturally to him. Being a visual learner, it helps that directions are color coded on the truck and remote controller. To move the truck forward, he has learned to push the green button. He has learned that the red button makes the truck move backward.

Some limitations: the truck doesn't move diagonally forward or diagonally backward. The left and right buttons make the truck spin left and spin right. And we can only push one button at a time on the controller. It only comes with one controller and truck. I wish there were two (so I can play at the same time.) Elizabeth isn't very interested in this toy yet. In fact, she doesn't like the truck moving toward her.

The most fun part is driving the truck on the lower elevator, which goes up as soon as it senses the truck on it. Then the top elevator descends as soon as the truck is on it.

Overall, it's been an interactive and fun toy for learning basic directions and improving hand-eye coordination.