Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Gardeners

It has become tradition in our family to start a container garden every spring. We usually start planting later in April but it has been unseasonally warm this spring that we started early. The kids enjoyed helping plant some green bean seeds, tomato seeds, and Thai basil.

Matthew didn't stay out the whole time. He doesn't tolerate the heat very well. It was about 85 degrees on our back deck. He'd escape to the cooler 72 degree indoors when it was Elizabeth's turn to plant a seed and then rejoin the planting party when it was his turn again.

It was a nice relaxing day today after all the excitement (good and bad) at the circus yesterday.


Rey Minano said...

Happy to see you all back on track after the circus incident.

Rochelle said...

Looks like fun, we planted here this weekend too.