Monday, October 24, 2011

Conversation Book: Swim Class

Matthew loves swimming. He loves dunking his head in the water and he holds his breath for a few seconds. He still needs a floatie though. Without a floatie, he can't seem to propel himself forward so his swim instructor is teaching him that now.

I love that he loves swimming. It's fun and great exercise for him. My fear is that he has no fear of water. That can be dangerous.

He's been away from the pool for 2 weeks now because of the wheezing but I think he's good to go again this week.


RK said...

Great swimming pictures. :o) Would it be possible to get some video of Matthew reading his book some? After hearing him talk a little bit on Saturday, I'd love to hear him read the conversation book!

Ria said...

I'll try. I've been meaning to. :-) While you're waiting, can I interest you in a short video of him reading one of the Meet the Sight Words books?
It was great to see you on Saturday! We missed Braska.