Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conversation Book: Muffins

Matthew and Elizabeth have become muffin monsters in the past two weeks. They ask for muffins EVERYDAY.

Elizabeth says, "Muffin!! Muffin please!!"

Matthew says, "May I have muh-min please?" If he says the word slowly enough and after watching how I say it, he can articulate the middle "f". It just takes a little prompting. He can sight read the word "muffin" easily.


jemps said...

this is too cute!! i love your books, ri!! matthew is adorable and elizabeth is his able foil :oD

malor said...

i love the idea of a "book." i am amazed how elizabeth is helpful in the kitchen. i doubt if my 22 month old can behave himself. anyway, you provie me an inspiration to try cooking with my toddler. he loves cookies...