Saturday, August 13, 2011

National Geographic Kids & Down Syndrome

Tonight, after a tiring and somewhat frustrating day, I was browsing the National Geographic Kids website for books, pictures, and videos to show Matthew. Several things looked great for Matthew such as the National Geographic Little Kids magazine, some short videos, and real-life photos of animals and nature. Matthew owns "Safari" from the Kids Readers books and likes it. Maybe it was time to get more titles from this series.

One little gem of inspiration (and Down syndrome advocacy) was in the News-People & Places section. I Have Down Syndrome--Know Me Before You Judge Me by Melissa Riggio. I absolutely loved what she wrote at the end about not able to change the fact that she has Down syndrome, but how she would change how people think of her. She also wrote, "Treat me with respect, and accept me for who I am. Most important, just be my friend. After all, I would do the same for you."

After reading her piece, I continued to browse the site for fun stuff for Matthew. But this time, with a smiling heart.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I have read this before. Melissa was an awesome, inspiring individual with Down syndrome! She passed away from Leukemia in 2008... I cried so hard. She is still one of my inspirations for my girls, and her life gives me hope for them! And yes, that article makes me smile, too! :)

Down syndrome information – are there any programs in school for children with Down syndrome? said...

May I share please? this is really a great read :)

Continue inspiring! Mabuhay from the Philippines!

Ria said...

Yes, by all means, please share.
Mabuhay! :-)