Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Wonderful Thing Happened On The Way To School

Swimming. It's the one thing that Matthew thinks of everyday since we started swim lessons for him again recently. If we had a pool, he would be in it everyday.

Every time we get ready to go to school, he enthusiastically says his swim instructor's name. Unfortunately, I have to say, "You love swimming! We go swimming on Saturdays. Today we go to school." Not that Matthew understands the concept of time, but it's something for me to say and it's language for him to hear and try to decipher.

Swimming lessons are at the YMCA. To get there, we have to turn right on a street somewhere between school and home.

Matthew's map to the Y and school

On the way to school today, we were stopped at the red light on said street today. Suddenly he said, "O de!! O de!" I looked back at him and he had his right arm outstretched with his index finger pointing so perfectly at the street that goes to the Y. He was so excited. So I quickly figured out that he was saying "over there!" Then with his trademark dimpled grin he said, "Sim!!" He wanted to go swimming!

This was the first time he has said "over there", directing me where to go and what he wanted. The words may not have been articulated clearly but his use of language to convey his message (and the fact that he knew which street to take to the Y) was loud and clear! It was perfect!

What wonderful things have your kids been doing? We would love to hear (read about) them!


Unknown said...

It is so exciting to hear our little ones using language to express their wants! Gabriel is up to 8 words that we know he knows what they mean when he uses them. It is so exciting to watch him use them instead of grunting and pointing. Gabriel uses signs but he has a hard time with his fingers and often we dont understand what he is trying to say because many of the signs are the same coming from him.

Rosa said...

As soon I read what he said ""O de!!" I understood what he was trying to say, it was perfectly clear. I am so exited for Matthew and you guys. It is wonderful! Give a big high five to Matthew form me.

Alida Sharp said...

I got it O de right away and he gave you directions!! I love it when kids exciting!!

joy & blessings to you both <3


Meriah said...

Way to go, buddy!

Rochelle said...

Awesome. I totally knew "O de" was over there too. Way to go Matthew.

Michelle said...

oh my gosh that is wonderful! What great communication he used and awareness of his surroundings!

Kathy said...

Oh Ria that is so exciting! Wow, that is great!! We are not as far along as you but Evan has many words that he says and we know what he is conveying as long as we are there with him and we have the surrounding "context" to figure it out. He really understands everything we say which we thought he did, but it's cool to see him demonstrate it in various ways.