Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Alphabet Beads

We improvised fine motor, learning activities using leftover alphabet craft beads, ice cube trays, and small containers. There are many possible activities with these materials. So far, we've used them for:

- putting beads into the various containers using a pincer grasp.
- letter identification
- articulation
- words that start with the letter on the bead
- one-to-one correspondence and other basic counting skills
- pulling beads off a pipe cleaner using a pincer grasp. When he's older (and if he's interested), we can string these beads on pipe cleaners or small diameter string and make bracelets.

beads activity 1

beads activity 2

beads activity 3

beads activity 4

beads activity 5

beads activity 6

Simple. Great for concentration building. "Fun" is relative. Matthew enjoys it when he's in the mood for alphabet beads. Otherwise, I have to make it "extra gamey" to spark his interest.