Monday, January 10, 2011

Loose Change

giant beer bottle coin bank
How do I teach my 3-year old the value of money? I don't. Not yet anyway.

But I can use loose change for an easy fine motor activity and counting coins. My latest home counting lesson with Matthew is counting to 20. So we lay up to 20 coins on a baking tray or any hard flat surface and count them.

counting coins

coin pick-up

Next, we pull out Bill's favorite coin bank and Matthew picks up the coins from the tray and drops them into the bank.

We'll learn to count money and understanding the value of money when he's older.
coin deposit


Rochelle said...

He is doing so well!

Oh, and one more thing... said...

Your little guy is such a cutie! Your post made me think of something from a workshop I attended this past weekend about practical solutions for education & Down syndrome. In a side point that came up, the presenter said in respect to learning to count change - Skip it! Change is increasingly irrelevant in our society and our kids will grow up to use dollars and debit cards. They can pay in dollars. If they get change back in return, put in a jar and turn it in at a machine to get back... dollars.

Susan Carson said...

Also he's learning about beer! :)