Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matthew Says "Bye"

Whenever we have a therapist come to our house, Matthew's quite a gentleman. He walks to the door with me to meet and greet. When the session is over, we walk the therapist to the door to wave bye. It was either late February or early March that he started saying "bah bah" for bye. One day in the last week of March, he clearly said "bye". Both his therapist and I looked at each other, surprised and excited at the same time, each wondering if we heard what we heard. "Bye! Good word, Matthew!!"

"Bye" is officially his first clear spoken word. He loves the attention he gets from saying it too.

When we leave the store, he waves and says "bye" to everyone he sees.

When we leave the restaurant, he waves and says "bye" to everyone he sees.

When we leave preschool gym class, he waves and says "bye" to everyone from the door.

When each of his therapists leaves our house, he waves and says "bye" at the door until their car pulls out of our driveway.

In return, everyone smiles and happily waves back and says "bye".



Runningmama said...

Go Matthew!

Beverly said...

so sweet and exciting. those first words are so sweet to the ears. I still so much love the sounds of my Noah's words. :)

Emily said...

That is so exciting! LOVE these amazing milestones! (Found your blog on facebook!)

Rochelle said...

Yeah Matthew! Bye bye sweet boy! Keep up the good work!

Tara said...

Bye, Matthew! What a big boy! How exciting!

To Love Endlessly said...

Just wanted to say "bye" to Matthew, what a big boy!!!