Sunday, April 19, 2009

List of Down Syndrome Related Blogs

Every age and developmental stage presents a unique set of rewards and challenges. Sometimes we need the support of other individuals or families who are going through the same stage at the same time. Sometimes we wish for foresight and wisdom of those who have "been there, done that". Sometimes we want a glimpse into the future. Sometimes we need the simple reassurance that we are not alone. For these reasons, this blogroll is arranged according to age group.


Remember to let me know what age range to list your blog in.
Suggestions to improve this list are welcome. Thanks!

The Rookies (0 - 5 years)
Adelynn's Journey
A Hapa Girl and Her Hapa Family
A Little Something Extra For Us
Anna Banana
A Walk in Lily's Garden
Baby Number 10
Blessed with Girls
Braska Bear
Brennan's Beginnings
Bridget's Light
Bringing Kellsey Home
Bringing the Sunshine
Camp Homeschool
Cathal's Big Adventure
Chase and More
Coco's Corner
Confessions of a Down Syndrome Daddy (Daddy blog)
Counting Our Many Little Blessings (The Baeten Family)
Cowgirl Up
Daddio De Novo (Daddy blog)
Days with Dylan
Disposable (Daddy blog)
Doin' It Down
Down Syndrome in Real Life
Down Syndrome New Mama
Down Syndrome - Up Up Up and Away
Down With Dat
Down With Oz (Daddy blog)
ever forward, Maya
Extra Smiles...Extra Giggles...Extra Love. Life With Extras - The Pingel Family
Finnian's Journey - moved to "Life As I Know It"
Genetically Enhanced
Getting Down with Nate
Henry's Mommie (moved to My Little Cheeky Monkeys)
Isn't This Fun!?
Jaidin's Journey
Jaxson's Fight
Joyful Mother of 6
Julian's Journey
Life As I Know It
Life As We Know It
Life In Color
Life In Designer Genes
Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika
Life with Sweet Pea
Little LC Boom Boom
Little Wonders of Our Life
Living each day as if it was the last
Living Life with E's
Love For Colin
Monkey Musings
Mothering By The Seat Of My Pants
Mother Jungle
Muslim Mama - A Beautiful Life
My Cute Little Navya
My Little Cheeky Monkeys
My Little Mattie
My Little "Son-Shine"
My Little Stinkerie
My Monkey Doodles
Narrow Ridge (Daddy blog)
Noah's Dad (Daddy blog)
Our Bundle of Joy
Our Jacob
Our Unexpected Journey
Past the Apple Orchard
Penny's Peeps
Raising Joey
Raising Reid
Rivers of Joy
Ruby's Life
Simeon's Trail
Something Beautiful 1025 (Dear Sissy...Love Laura) - sibling blog
Stumbo Family Story
Swiss Family Carter - Life in Switzerland & the Little Surprise!
T-cubed: Three Boys, Twins, & Trisomy 21
Take a Walk on the Happy Side
The Adventures of Cap'n Jack 'n Crew
The Flege Farm
The Haskin Clan
The Hill Family of Northwest Arkansas
The Life & Times of Aidan and Alayna
The Tyron Family
The Zoromski Chronicles
Three Little Birds
Three's a Charm
To Love Endlessly
Trial Run by krlr
Welcome to Our House
What a Team!
Windmills and Tulips
Yo Mamma Mamma

Middle Movers & Shakers (5 - 9 years)
Adventures of Home Schooling Noah (moved to A Happy Journey)
A Happy Journey
Big Blueberry Eyes
Big Dawg Tales (Daddy blog)
Cookies for Conor
Emma Sage
Flock of Pidgeons
Girl in a Party Hat
Life with My Special Ks
Little Miss E
Lovely and Amazing
Opposite Kids
The Seal Bark
The Tyron Family

Tween Times (9 - 12 years)
Hannah's Shenanigans
J.E.B.'s Journey
Just By Living - sibling blog
Lily's Life is Great
Lily's Life is Great **new site**
Ramblings of the Bearded One (Daddy blog)
Tri21homeschool - Adventures in Down Syndrome and Homeschooling

Surviving the Teen Years (13 - 19 years)
april anecdotes
Beneath the Wings
Garden of Eagan
It's MY Life Mom!
Mommy Life
On a Joyful Journey
Specially Designed
The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl

Roaring Twenties (20's)
april anecdotes
Class of 2008
Widening Circle

The Veterans (30's & up)
Karen Gaffney Foundation - not a blog but very inspiring to read about Karen.
Moms of Self Advocates with DS

Group blogs/ Project blogs/ Organization blogs
5 Minutes for Special Needs
Pujols Family Foundation
Reece's Rainbow
The T21 Travelling Afghan Project

Our Angels in Heaven
Finding Our Way